"I had been trying to become a profitable day trader for 15 years before I bumped into Daniel. I spent thousands upon thousands of hours in pursuit. I had tried every single method, tool and approach that I came across.  I spent time with other people that were successful traders that tried to help me.  I was reviewing Daniels posts on a forum and was shocked at how open and willing he was to help others.  I reached out to him and we began a journey of figuring out my head and applying techniques to my trading.  He was unbelievably patient and caring about the time spent.  It took a few months (due to my own mind issues that needed worked out) but eventually he struck the right chord with me and then 1 week of profitability turned into 2 weeks turned into 1 month and so on.  He has had the largest impact on changing my life in ways I could never have imagined.  He is a genuine person who has nothing to gain financially and really likes helping people.  This is a once in a lifetime connection with someone that has such an amazing skill set along with the ability to teach."