Frequently asked questions

Do I need a back ground?

It is not necessary to have a specific background to learn how to trade and/or invest with your own money. I do prefer that you have some experiences before you contact me like you have bought a stock or you can pull up a chart for example. 

I'm a struggling trader for years, how can you help me?

The struggle comes from blindspots in your knowledge and/or behavior. As a mentor, I can detect these blind spots and help you overcome them. 

Do you have a track record of your own trading?

I do not share my track record for privacy reasons. I do share some trades after the fact or in a recorded video on my blog. 

Do you give advice what I must buy or sell?

No, I teach you how to think for yourself and execute your own trading plan. 

Are you a professional trader?

I'm a retail trader, I do not have professional status.

Do you have an IB contract?

No, I work completely independent from brokers.

Are you affiliated with other company's? 

I have an agreement with IITM and will be paid a small fee for referring to Van Tharps courses and books. I only recommend some books or other courses if It is clear you could benefit from this.

Do you use software packages?

I use or have used many industries software packages, like Tradestation, Multicharts, Sierrachart, Mechanica, and so on. None of these software packages are required, you can use your own.

Do you teach a system?

If you do not have an original idea after the introduction, I can give you a basic system to work with.

How long does it take to become profitable?

It depends on your own insights and practice, but it takes usually between three to twelve months.

How do you calculate the hours?

I use time registering software, for every question and answer I need to give.

Do you give a refund for hours bought and not used?

No. I give an estimate about the topics we need to cover after your introduction session. In that estimate are the hours I think I will need to get you to profitability. It is your responsibility to buy the needed hours for my services as cheap as you can without overcapacity. 

Do you mentor one on one or in group?

All mentoring is one to one, it is a personal journey.

If you are a trader and make money why do you not teach people for free?

When you give something for free, people do not give a commitment to see it trough. That is why I ask a small fee for the hours spend on teaching you, to be sure you are committed to follow the advice given.