Objectives part II

Published on 7 January 2021 at 11:09

In part one we talked a bit about the money part of objectives. In a trading plan, having objectives is one of the most important pieces of the trading plan. You should put a lot of thought into it.


Besides having the money part down, like a percent of return or a daily goal of X amount, with limits to the downside, you should also include other objectives in that plan.


Your mind, body, and soul should be aligned with the objectives you have written down.


A big part of the objectives is the rewards that you can enjoy when you achieve them.


Money is not the motivation here. It is what you can do with it. If you do not go out and dream about what you can do with money, your trading will not work. 


Your subconscious mind will do anything to help you or have fun. Also, your subconscious mind will prevent you from damages or hurt.


If you make it a habit of having fun or another reward you like after you have followed the rules of your trading plan and earned money, it is really important to ingrain that feeling of winning in your life. You need to use all your sensory inputs. Seeing, feeling, smelling, touching your dream is the most important thing you can do, to help your subconscious mind to work for you.


So make it a habit to have a small reward each winning day, and have a bigger reward on each milestone. 


Those rewards do not have to be a money thing. It must just be something you enjoy.


I wish you ‘stress’ free trading.

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